Blocs 3.3.1

June 20th 2019

Download Blocs 3.3.1

New & Improved

  • Added new feature.

  • Added new feature.

  • Added new feature.


  • Fixed issue.

  • Fixed issue.

  • Fixed issue.

Blocs 3.3.0

June 12th 2019

Download Blocs 3.3.0

New & Improved

  • Added ability to set the cascading order for the classes per breakpoint.

  • Added support for ordered lists (numbered lists).

  • Added ability to exclude pages from export.

  • Added support for .htm page extensions.

  • Added data purge options (developer menu).

  • Added support to assign colors to layers in layer tree to help with organising projects.

  • Added new freehand user interface value marker.

  • Prevent utilities windows losing focus when mouse leaves them.

  • Added support for restoring last active page in a project when it is opened.

  • Revamped main application preferences.

  • Added code editor typography settings.

  • Added more error handling to catch potential save issues and prevent locked app when saving project fails.

  • Improved type ahead class popup UX. A selected class is now removed from list.

  • Added dark mode support for type ahead class popup and improved visual styling.

  • Added support for display swap for Google fonts for better SEO.

  • Added support for multiple (unlinked) navigation toggle menus (they can now be opened individually).

  • Added support cache bust support for page and project attachments, including custom Bric ones.

  • Added dark mode support to developer console window.

  • Made page attachments table bigger on page settings.


  • Fixed issue that prevented duplicating to new empty pages after project re-opened.

  • Fixed issue with duplicating Blocs in groups.

  • Fixed issue that caused undo state for each level when resizing columns.

  • Fixed issue with light mode app theme showing dark alert dialogs on MacOS Mojave.

  • Fixed issue that caused html widgets to be linked when a column or row is duplicated containing one.

  • Fixed issue that prevented applying colours to the navigation links via the sidebar options.

  • Fixed issue that caused empty areas to vanish when dragging a div into a div.

  • Fixed issue with app focus being set when mouse enters utility window.

  • Fixed visual glitch with class size guides.

  • Fixed issue that enabled horizontal scrolling in safari when a ScrollFX is applied to an element.

  • Fixed issue with Duplicating Accordions in various scenarios and them becoming linked.

  • Fixed issue which prevented the includes directory being generated on export for custom Bric template php files.

  • Fixed Pulse CMS issue that caused images and links to become broken when Pulse CMS is installed in a sub directory on the server.

  • Fixed in app preview issue that caused broken php pages when sites begin preview on a HTML page and then navigate to a PHP one.

  • Fixed issue with page settings name edits being pushed to data fed navigation menus causing unwanted dashes in page names. Page title edits are now pushed to navigation items.

  • Fixed issue that caused new pages to not be created when selecting the empty option.

  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused unwanted classes on text objects when exported during editing there content.

  • Fixed issue that allowed select template start screen to show when no templates are present.

  • Fixed issue that prevented hover and active states being correctly applied to classes that do not start with a dot.

  • Fixed issue with selection markers on dropdown list items.

  • Fixed issue that caused empty area add bric buttons on parent items that contain sub children with empty areas.

  • Fixed issue that caused sidebar options to be cropped when a lot of options are present.

  • Fixed issue with email addresses that have had obfuscation applied to them before deformed on export.

  • Fixed typo in subclass menu.

  • Fixed issue that prevented Google fonts being installed due to recent changes with Google font header link generation URL.

  • fixed issue with adding menu manager item names with apostrophe.

Blocs 3.2.4

May 7th 2019

Download Blocs 3.2.4

New & Improved

  • Added support for light mode code input areas.

  • Prevent Pulse and October CMS wrapper on columns as it breaks layout.

  • Add support for images, videos (mp4) and audio (mp3) as custom Bric include files.

  • Added layer tree group symbol.

  • Improved active marker for Bloc Groups.


  • Fixed issue that caused extra unwanted line break when hitting return inside a text Bric.

  • Fixed issue that caused -> php code to be replaced.

  • Fixed issue with duplicating Bloc groups that caused linked Blocs.

  • Fixed issue with the initial start state of a document showing wrong values in inspector if first object in tree is a Bloc group.

  • Fixed issue with dividers that caused missing layer tree items.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when editing project settings in blank/empty projects.

  • Fixed various visual issues with recent files list.

Blocs 3.2.3

April 29th 2019

Download Blocs 3.2.3

New & Improved

  • Added In-app Update support for Custom Brics - Opening the Extension Manager now automatically scans for updates.

  • Added distribute Bloc button to Bloc Editor.

  • Updated logo type segmented control icon for image and text to show correct layout order.

  • Moved JS resources from header to just before closing body tag to help with page load speed and SEO.

  • Made some minor optimisations to blocs.js.

  • Added support for custom Brics to be correctly set up when added to a project via a custom Bloc or Page Templates.

  • Improved accordion count setting input field UX. Now requires return to be hit to set.

  • Added export option for replacing older exported versions, you now have a option of updating everything or only files that have changed.

  • Allow selection of locked navigation links.

  • Enabled hardened runtime for added security (background macOS stuff).

  • Bric custom styling is now refreshed in the design environment when a Bric is reset.

  • Added auto fix function for layers with missing required classes.

  • Prevent removing key required classes from objects.


  • Fixed issue with file creation date being set the same as modify date.

  • Fixed issue that caused text to be un-editable via a second click when nested within a carousel.

  • Fixed issue that prevented bric builder saving data if no upgrade URL is specified.

  • Fixed issue with -> used in custom bric php snippets.

  • Fixed issue that caused input field required message field to not reset on email field when disabled.

  • Fixed issue that caused center aligned modal buttons to align left on export.

  • Fixed issue with Blocs not appearing in layer tree with right aligned logo images.

  • Fixed issue with Bric bar search crashing Bric sidebar when no results are found.

  • Fixed issue that caused Bric Bar and Bric Sidebar to become blank when using the clear search button.

  • Fixed issue with inline images used in custom Bric css.

  • Fixed issue that left page navigator search query in field when a new project is loaded.

  • Fixed issue that caused tree to go out of sync if last column or row is deleted.

  • Fixed issue that enabled dragging objects to be initiated outside of the selected element.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when storing page templates and custom Blocs that have resources that contain [ characters in file names.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicate instances of additional JS and CSS files to be added to a page on export.

  • Fixed issue with project attachments not being connected on Pulse CMS and October CMS exports.

  • Fixed issue that prevented custom Bric includes being refreshed when a Bric is reset.

  • Fixed issue with ' characters breaking custom bric core styling showing in app.

  • Fixed issue with deleting last custom Bric and its resources being left in place on a site.

  • Fixed numerous issues with Bric resources becoming missing when moving custom Brics between page zones (global and dynamic).

  • Fixed issue with custom Bric resources not being copied to new page when Bloc is duplicated to another page.

  • Fixed issue with layer tree breaking when links contain line breaks.

  • Fixed issue with custom attributes not supporting ' character.

  • Fixed issue with refreshing assets via Asset Manager when assets are stored on external drives.

  • Fixed issue with sidebar not selecting other Brics other than first Bric.

  • Fixed issue with scroll to menu not showing all Blocs on a page when another page is set as the home page.

  • Fixed issue with visibility controls only effecting checkbox and radio UI element and leaving label visible.

  • Fixed issue with layer tree horizontal scroll bar not showing when scroll bars are forced via OS prefs.

  • Fixed issue that prevented removing groups from Asset Manager.

  • Fixed issue with column resize markers getting stuck on screen.

  • Fixed issue that could cause Asset manager to become blank.

Blocs 3.2.2

April 9th 2019

Download Blocs 3.2.2

New & Improved

  • Added vh (Viewport Height) vw (Viewport Width) measurement support to Class Editor.

  • Added character count to SEO title field in project settings.

  • Updated edge to edge carousel Bloc to use new required row settings.

  • Pressing the escape key exits text editing mode (do this to show freehand margin controls after editing text).

  • Auto exit text edit mode when resizing a text element.

  • Added class helper link button to HTML input area on Bric Builder.

  • Improved custom Bric installation method. Now checks version and offers to replace older versions.

  • Integrate store entry points into main app.


  • Fixed issue with hidden content being shown when editing a custom Brics values.

  • Fixed issue that caused freehand mode to lock and become unresponsive.

  • Fixed issue that caused Bric html to break in Bric Builder if value attribute contains a right chevron.

  • Fixed issue that left missing Bric window open when main window is closed.

  • Fixed issue that caused Bric sidebar to display grid uneven when scroll bars are forced.

  • Fixed issue that caused Bric html to break in Bric Builder if value attribute contains a right chevron.

  • Fixed various issues with Parallax BG not showing on smaller laptop screens.

  • Fixed issue with Bric Builder showing wrong icon in layer tree.

  • Fixed issue with exporting Pulse CMS when using advanced export.

  • Fixed issue with Pulse CMS theme not working when opengraph directory is missing.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs form validation to effect 3rd party forms added to page.

  • Fixed issue that caused all page template code to be checked for potential migration to Bootstrap 4 when not required.

  • Fixed issue with BS4 migration function that edited content within HTML widgets.

  • Fixed various form issues.

  • Fixed issue that caused menu selections in Menu Manager to always show as being the first menu in the list.

Blocs 3.2.1

March 27th 2019

Download Blocs 3.2.1

New & Improved

  • Added missing Bric window.

  • Improved row and column width control handle placement on edge to edge designs.


  • Fixed various missing section issues with the layer tree.

  • Fixed issue that caused build in pre-loader option preview to be blank when loading a project.

  • Fixed typo in Bloc menu.

  • Fixed issue that caused sidebar options to not be reset when a custom Bric is reset via the context menu option.

  • Fixed issue that caused custom Bric buttons to be converted to links on export.

  • Fixed undo issue with freehand text size controls.

  • Fixed issue with clean URL export and light box videos.

  • Prevent flashing guides caused by freehand mode (shift down) when editing text.

  • Fixed issue that caused empty first line on page source code.

  • Fixed issue that prevented initial custom Bric template values being set.

Blocs 3.2.0

March 20th 2019

Download Blocs 3.2.0

New & Improved

  • Added support for modals.

  • Added categories to Bric Bar and Bric Sidebar.

  • Added Canvas Text Size Freehand Controls.

  • Added ability to set active page class on links that match current URL.

  • Added ability to hide sidebars.

  • Added ability to name Global Swatches.

  • Added layer tree context menu items that enable Expand/Collapse contents of a layer.

  • Added Expand all / Collapse all layer tree controls.

  • Added Solo Mode layer tree option.

  • When deleting a page, its entry in Menu Manager and navigation is now removed.

  • Added refresh button for Menu Manager data fed list items.

  • Added export settings to project settings.

  • Improved subclass library menu.

  • Include UI title label data in Bric Builder layer tree.

  • Added Custom Bric category selector in Bric Builder.


  • Fixed issue that allowed page scroll when modal is open.

  • Fixed issue that made selecting nested span tags impossible.

  • Fixed issue with terms window on MacOS Sierra.

  • Fixed issue with main prefs styling on Mojave when OS is dark mode and app is light mode.

  • Fixed various issues that caused missing sections in layer tree.

  • Fixed issue that broke form redirects if target page had a php suffix.

  • Fixed various issues with forms settings not refreshing in preview mode.

  • Fixed issue that caused broken link if success link for form is set to home page.

  • Fixed light box interactions with clean URLs.

  • Fixed issue that caused project settings icon to become unselected when clicking currently selected item.

  • Fixed issue more issues with layer tree and formatted text.

  • Fixed issue that caused local fonts with spaces in the name to break on export.

  • Fixed issue with form JS required files being added to page header when exported if a form exists in a code widget our custom Bric.

  • Fixed missing trailing slash on clean url page links.

  • Fixed issue that prevented Core Assets being permanently deleted.

  • Prevent changes to page name settings effecting links to page that have custom titles.

  • Fixed view subclass resources help button on Class Manager.

  • Fixed issue with Bric Builder assigned artwork sizes being too big when assigned on a retina screen Mac.

  • Fixed issue with pre-loader classes being included in style sheet when its switched off.

  • Fixed issue that caused assets stored on external drives to remain in a project when deleted.

  • Fixed issue with removing assets that are assigned in project settings remaining in project.

  • Fixed issue that caused audio players using hosted mp3 files to break on export.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash on export if an audio player has no value set.

  • Fixed issue that prevented reseting logo image on design canvas when current logo is deleted from project settings.

  • Fixed issue with active marker displaying in the wrong position.

  • Fixed issue that caused navigation Bric to not show in Bric library.

  • Fixed issue with preview style dropdown not being populated correctly in Bric Builder.

  • Fixed issue with drop downs in navigation not showing in layer tree.

  • Fixed issue with installing Page Template .bex files.

Blocs 3.1.2

February 20th 2019

Download Blocs 3.1.2

New & Improved

  • Duplicating pages now retains keywords and description meta data as well as all data added to page code areas.

  • Added support for site language (project setting) in Pulse CMS 5 and October CMS exports.

  • Made gradient controls more intuitive. Apply gradient when option is initially enabled in class editor.


  • Fixed issue with adding new Bloc causing Bloc below losing ID.

  • Fixed issue that caused cache busting export option to break October CMS theme JS+CSS.

  • Fixed issue that caused double canvas scroll bars when scroll bars forced in system prefs.

  • Fixed issue with Pulse CMS 5 exports not including the page description tag.

Blocs 3.1.1

February 11th 2019

Download Blocs 3.1.1

New & Improved

  • Added support for Page Selector UI Component in Bric Builder.

  • Added Page Selector example Bric.

  • Added support for dark mode on Blocs About Window.

  • Added context menu support for custom Brics.

  • Added reset custom Bric options contextual menu item.

  • Added support for Pulse CMS 5 inline editing features.

  • Added Pulse CMS 5 admin toolbar support.

  • Set Default Max Width to 1140px (default for Bootstrap 4).


  • Fixed issue that caused class to break when using text copy as part of class.

  • Fixed issue that caused video 4:3 setting to break video Bric.

  • Fixed up file links on start screen in light mode on MacOS Mojave.

  • Fixed issue with prefs window in dark mode on MacOS Mojave.

  • Fixed custom class contextual menu.

  • Fixed issue that caused interaction page selector to not auto refresh with new page name when it is changed between object selections.

  • Fixed issue that showed empty content areas in exported screen shots.

  • Fixed issue that prevented template API calls refreshing in in-app preview.

  • Fixed issue that caused php strings to become escaped.

  • Fixed issue that caused lazy load to create missing asset errors on Pulse CMS 5 templates.

Blocs 3.1.0

February 5th 2019

Download Blocs 3.1.0

New & Improved

  • Updated Bootstrap Framework to 4.2.1.

  • Added support for user interface switches.

  • Added support for clean Page URL export structure.

  • Added new global code areas.

  • Added Full Screen Bloc Bar option (main prefs or Bloc bar row options menu).

  • Added support for local network device previewing.

  • Added support to copy and paste custom data attributes between items.

  • Various improvements to the Icon Manager and its UX.

  • New page global extension settings.

  • Sidebar options can now be used to set the logo size per breakpoint.

  • Made resize column handles more accurate.

  • Dragging page attachments onto page settings table now respects insertion position.

  • Added placeholders on store custom Bloc input fields.

  • Touch support for carousel now uses bootstrap 4 functionality.

  • Added support to scroll Layer tree horizontally.

  • Don't show page templates when starting a new project when no page templates stored.

  • Added typeface selection dropdown UI element to developer API.

  • The function value attribute is now passed in with all functions e.g myfunction(value) can now be myfunction(value,attr) in your JS functionality.

  • Added new templating API functionality that allows variables from custom Brics to be written in template files such as additional CSS,JS,JSON and PHP.

  • Added new custom bric developer example for typography and template calls.

  • Replaced Feature 2 column (no padding) Blocs, with better versions.

  • Auto select first available menu when setting a link to a dropdown via the Menu Manager.

  • Improved the visual layout of classes written into the breakpoint @media wrappers.

  • Refined visual styling of object selection marker.


  • Fixed issue that caused layer tree to break when a label has a carriage return in it.

  • Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS pages to break when exported using HTML minify options.

  • Fixed issue that caused page description to not show on pulse CMS 5 template pages.

  • Fixed issue that caused bloc group ID attribute to be removed when exported.

  • Fixed issue that caused toggling bloc group containers visibility to break.

  • Fixed issue with duplicating input fields and checkboxes that caused them to have duplicated ID's.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicated HTML widgets with hidden contents to export wrong data.

  • Fixed issue that prevented editing the alt tag on carousel slides.

  • Fixed issue that caused text sidebar fields to be troublesome when entering REM values with decimal point.

  • Fixed issue that prevented setting video poster image by dragging image to well.

  • Fixed layer tree issue that caused app to crash when dragging unselected child layers when parent is selected.

  • Fixed issue that caused text to become part of icon when editing header with icon.

  • Fixed issue that caused unwanted padding on Blocs with no padding set.

  • Fixed issue with terms window being unreadable when run in dark mode on MacOS Mojave.

  • Fixed issue that caused hover marker to be misaligned if a full screen Bloc is selected and cursor is placed over another non full screen Bloc item.

  • Fixed issue that prevented tabbed area content count being set by sidebar list count input field.

  • Fixed issue that caused blocs to mis align when applying custom visibility settings to bloc groups.

  • Fixed issue that caused rows to become misaligned when a full screen bloc contains custom visibility values.

Blocs 3.0.7

December 19th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.7

New & Improved

  • Added ability to replace assets that are already in project assets when asset with name already exists (no more renaming - just replace).

  • Added the add Bric button to the inside of the carousel caption area when its empty.


  • Fixed issue that caused drag and drop markers to be misaligned within a carousel caption area.

  • Fixed issue with start window not displaying correctly when no project files are present.

  • Fixed issue that caused code widget to break when duplicated (if not set to preview in app).

  • Fixed issue that caused code widget to break when duplicating a page (if code widget not set to preview in app).

  • Fixed typo in layer tree label HTML widget > Code widget.

  • Fixed typo of caption area selection marker Div > Caption area.

Blocs 3.0.6

December 10th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.6

New & Improved

  • Added alignment controls for audio player.


  • Fixed issue that caused svg logo to remain and overlap logo image when thumb clear button used to clear logo selection.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs with no padding to be placed off center in app.

  • Fixed issue that caused re-named Asset Manager groups to break and not show correct content.

  • Fixed issue that caused video background YouTube settings to be mutated after export (?autoplay=1&mute=1&controls=0).

  • Fixed issue that caused preview to not function correctly if special characters are used within the target page name e.g. ä,ü.

  • Fixed issue that caused buttons to become full width when visibility options are applied to them.

  • Fixed issue that caused visibility classes to break when minify HTML export options is used.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after renaming an asset group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after adding assets to a group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after creating a group and then closing window.

  • Fixed issue that prevented save alert showing after removing an asset from a group and then closing window.

Blocs 3.0.5

December 5th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.5

New & Improved

  • Added new static preview mode - For those with problems running a local host preview (Set preview type in prefs).

  • Rounded corners on light box controls to match the rest of Bootstrap 4.


  • Fixed export menu icons on dark mode MacOS 10.14.

  • Fixed sidebar tab icons showing broken highlighted state when clicking them while Blocs is not the primary active application.

  • Fixed export issue with Pulse CMS.

  • Fixed scroll FX on pulse CMS export.

  • Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS admin to crash.

  • Fixed issue that caused wrong page to be initially selected in navigator and page dropdown when custom home page is set.

  • Fixed unwanted space created with dividers in Blocs with no padding.

  • Fixed unwanted space in empty Blocs with no padding.

  • Fixed issue with dropdown links within navigation being forced white when dark nav bar theme is used.

  • Fixed light box issue that caused caption to show on lightbox element that has no caption.

  • Fixed light box issue that prevented caption showing when launching a light box from an image without a caption then moving to an image with a caption.

Blocs 3.0.4

December 3rd 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.4

New & Improved

  • Added "show in finder" contextual menu option for start window recent file list (right click recent file entry).

  • Start window recent project list now refreshes while app is running. Last opened project will go top of list when returning to start window.


  • Fixed issue that caused font selection dropdown to auto close on MacOS 10.11 when using a trackpad.

  • Fixed issue that caused visibility options to show wrong values when 3 breakpoints in a row are hidden.

  • Fixed various issues with the visibility options UX.

  • Fixed cache busting issue and form handler JS - (Caused forms to navigate to unknown URL when posted).

  • Fixed issue that caused the styling on special navigations with drop downs to have broken styling and functionality.

  • Fixed issue when setting an interaction to none the interaction sidebar options do not refresh.

  • Fixed issue that caused horizontal scrollable blank space when scrollFX are used on a page.

  • Fixed issue with animation being set to none, not refreshing correctly on in app preview.

Blocs 3.0.3

November 28th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.3


  • Fixed issue that caused page to be duplicated when creating a new page and first switching to duplicate and then back to use a blank template.

  • Fixed issue that prevented layer tree rendering correctly when returns are included in text style areas.

  • Fixed issue that prevented Blocs with accordions that have no text in title link from showing in layer tree.

  • Fixed typo in generated accordion ID.

  • Fixed issue that prevented cards within cards being selected.

  • Fixed Bloc Bar selection dropdown on MacOS 10.11.

  • Fixed Bloc builder save button label not showing on 10.14.

  • Fixed issue that wiped a text Brics ID when its level is changed.

  • Fixed issue that prevented layer tree updating when a text Brics level is changed.

  • Fixed issue that caused global areas to show on page thumbnails when they are disabled.

Blocs 3.0.2

November 27th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.2


  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when migrating older Blocs 2 projects.

Blocs 3.0.1

November 26th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.1

New & Improved

  • Added cache busting (can be switched off with export prefs).


  • Fixed various in app links to knowledge base posts that have a new URL.

  • Fixed old API docs link in Bric Builder.

  • Fixed issue that allowed clicks on the shortcut window to pass through onto the design canvas.

  • Fixed internal crash issue that was caused by Bloc bar.

  • Fixed issue that prevented the Bloc and Bric bars overlapping the additional control windows (Asset Manager, Swatch Manager etc).

  • Fixed issue that prevented the save alert showing when removing or adding assets and then closing a project.

  • Remove redundant sub classes from sub class library.

  • Fixed issue that caused screen to flash when a scroll to link is clicked.

  • Fixed issue that caused preview and export to crash if audio players are used within the HTML widgets.

Blocs 3.0.0

November 22nd 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.0

Initial Release

There are no new patches or updates at this time.