Blocs Plus

Expand Blocs with four incredibly powerful and time saving features that empower Blocs users to build Wordpress themes, process and edit images, store class styles for re-use and perfect SEO.

Wordpress Theme Builder For Mac

Wordpress Theme Builder

Build custom Wordpress themes, with no dependencies on builder plugins or unnecessary bloat and do it all without writing code.

Blocs Wordpress Theme Builder
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Build standalone, custom Wordpress themes that have no dependancies on builder plugins.

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Blocs builds Wordpress Themes that have clean, lightweight code, without any unnecessary bloat.

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Real Data

Design themes on your Mac with real data from local or live Wordpress sites.

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Custom Data

Easily add support for custom post and field types to the Wordpress themes you build with Blocs.

Image Editor

Resize, crop, rotate and flip, or even make none destructive image adjustments such as contrast and sharpness, with the productivity boosting Image Editor.

Blocs Image Editor
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Resize and Crop

Resize images to the ideal size and crop them to get the perfect perspective.

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Flip and Rotate

Adjust the orientation of images with flip and rotate and put what’s important in the right place.

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Refine the appearance of images with adjustments such as contrast, sharpness and brightness.

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Save time by generating images in multiple resolutions with just a few simply clicks.

Perfect SEO

Perfect your sites Search Engine Optimization and maximise the chances of ranking for target keywords with the indispensable SEO Helper.

SEO Helper
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Ensure every page of your website has maximum potential to rank for your target keywords.

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Find Improvements

Quickly audit the content on your pages and find recommend SEO improvements.

Class Library Manager

Store the custom class styles you create in Blocs and re-use them in any Blocs project with the time saving Class Library Manager.

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Easily re-use stored custom classes in any Blocs project, with just a few clicks.

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Manage all stored custom classes with the dedicated Class Library interface.

Custom Class Library

How Blocs Plus Works

The features of Blocs Plus are integrated into the core of the Blocs application, delivering a truly exceptional user experience. Blocs Plus is an optional extra at checkout or an in-app purchase if you decide to expand Blocs at a later date.

Made For The Mac

MacOS 10.14 Minimum

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A single Blocs license can be used on up to x2 Macs.
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Get up an running fast with our learning portal. You'll find everything you need to master building websites with Blocs.

Blocs Community


Connect with other Blocs users in our community forum. It's a great place to share ideas, get useful design feedback and quick help.

Blocs Developer


Extend the possibilities of Blocs with our developer API and build custom add-ons to share with the thousands of people building with Blocs.

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